‘The Special’ Review

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Stars: Davy Raphaely Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, Janae Palmer, Paul Cottman, Christina Dinicolo, Susan Moses, Wayne Shearer, Doug Henderson | Written by James Newman, Mark Steensland | Directed by B. Harrison Smith

It truly is the age old tale of… Man is convinced to cheat on his wife… Man sticks his pecker somewhere he probably shouldnt… Man becomes obsessed with doing so… Life is about to spiral into a deep dark pit of sex, addiction and well it needs to be seen to be believed!

I mean we all know someone this has happened to, Right??

The Special is… Well its something else, lets just say that from the outset. Its been a while since I watched a flick that I quite honestly was slightly dumbfounded, yet highly gripped and entertained by. I bought into having to see this movie after having been sent the trailer with a cheeky note saying “Hey
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