Swamp Thing Episode 5 Review: Drive All Night

Halfway through its run, Swamp Thing tells a convincing ghost story and advances its own mythology.




This Swamp Thing review contains spoilers.

Swamp Thing Episode 5

Damn, this show deserves a better fate. I have wanted to avoid focusing on the negative too much, but we are at the halfway point of Swamp Thing’s first, and currently only, season, and things are picking up – but I am skeptical whether we’ll get a satisfying conclusion (even thought the finale was supposedly reworked to provide closure).

“Drive All Night,” (yet another Springsteen song title turned episode title) is a visually exciting ghost story with a creepy tone, and a plot that drives Abby’s arc forward. It also introduces both The Green and The Phantom Stranger to Swamp Thing – and we get a glimpse at Blue Devil!

There is a helluva lot going on in this fifth installment!
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