"Tales from the Dead Zone" starring Corey Feldman and WWE Hall of Famer Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is coming soon!

A Medical Examiner conducting autopsies on victims of a horrible car crash, imagines how they may have lived their lives. "Tales from the Dead Zone" is written and directed by Barry J. Gillis, while starring Bret Hart, Corey Feldman, Kim Sønderholm, Tom Malloy, Gabriel JarretLen J. Phillips, Dakota House. Terrence Van Camp, Madison Nyenhuis, Maria J. Parker, Ken F. Campbell, Dori Book, Ramez Fawzy, Charlene Michalko, Alice Creed, Holly Reiter, Herb Stanley. Trailer Voice Over: Scott Fortney Stories in the Anthology include, Legend of the Peoples Demon, Rope a Dope, Inside the Room, and L.J.'s Finest Hour. "Tales from the Dead Zone" is in the works and is set for release in 2020. Meanwhile, Gillis' latest film "House of Many Sorrows" has been picked up...

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