Neeti Mohan talks about gender inequality in the music industry!

Playback singer Neeti Mohan says she has observed that a woman gets fewer lines in a duet track for a film, but personally, she emphasizes on the importance of a song rather than the length of her part.

Neeti told the publication: "I think last year, I was feeling it too much that the female part in a duet song is much shorter than the male part in the song, but I think it is slowly changing. This year I did not have such a song."

"In my song 'First Class' from the film Kalank, I was okay with the shorter part in the duet because it was to praise the man. In the Bharat?song 'Aithey aa' also I have a substantial part. My problem starts when I see that in a situation when the girl is telling her feeling, say crying or laughing, the song is sung by a male singer.
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