The Son Season 2 Episode 9: The Bear

Eli McCullough moves all the pieces into place as The Son prepares for the conclusion of the series end game.




This The Son review contains spoilers.

The Son Season 2 Episode 9

The penultimate installment of The Son, season 2, episode 9, "The Bear," readies the series for a somewhat forgone conclusion. But the closure is coming like a set of pincers squeezing several wounds at once, and not all of them healing. All three generations of McCullough are in danger of facing change and loss of fortune.  All three face choices which alter their comfort, even as they move out of their comfort zones.

The episode centers, emotionally, on Jeannie McCullough (Sydney Lucas). Last week, she witnessed her mother cheating on her father with their son's music teacher. The young McCullough ran away from home to escape a lying family only to barely escape a back road rape from a travelling salesman.
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