‘Child’s Play’ Review: A Horror Remake More Intriguing Than Worthwhile

It’s not every day we see a remake of a currently running franchise, but now there is Child’s Play. While original screenwriter Don Mancini continues to advance the escapades of his version’s murderous doll possessed by a serial killer’s soul (most recently in 2017’s Cult of Chucky with a SyFy television show arriving in 2020), MGM and United Artists decided to flex their legal retention of ownership by branching off anew. After Mancini unsurprisingly declined to provide them his seal of approval—brand confusion is definitely not something he’d willingly condone—the project moved forward under the stewardship of writer Tyler Burton Smith and director Lars Klevberg. Thankfully, they knew to make it their own.

Whether a result of needing to stick solely to what was kept in the divorce or an actual desire to cut a fresh path, the only similarity between Mancini’s horror
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