TV Review: 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards

  • Variety
Who are the MTV Movie (and TV) Awards for, exactly?

This is the question that kept rattling around my exhausted brain during Monday’s broadcast, which squeezed the ceremony (which happened live in Los Angeles on June 15) into two taut hours of waning pop culture references and supportive screaming. If it’s for Gen Z teens, as the heavy emphasis on Netflix originals like “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” suggested, why have Zachary Levi host? If it’s for adults, what’s with the “how do you do, fellow kids” vibe? The MTV Movie (and TV) Awards so thoroughly split the difference that there’s no clear target audience to speak of. Even Sandra Bullock (especially Sandra Bullock) seemed confused to be there accepting the award for “Best Frightened Performance,” formerly “Best Scared-As-Shit Performance,” for her turn in “Birdbox.” (Her scripted speech
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