Frozen 2: 10 Things You Missed In The Trailer

After 6 long years and a critically-maligned short starring a snowman that ill-advisedly premiered in front of Coco, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2013’s animated blockbuster hit Frozen was finally confirmed for a November 2019 release date. Through a pair of trailers, Frozen II was unveiled to those who couldn’t wait to see Anna and Elsa on the big screen again. Problem was, they didn’t really make sense. Despite being beautifully animated and scored, the trailers were vague and provided little to no hints about the sequel’s plot.

Because of the lack of answers and the intrigue that the mystery has spawned, fans and online theorists resorted to mining the trailers for the smallest of hints while missing out on some rather obvious ones. Here are 10 such things that people may have missed in Frozen II’s trailers in their search for clear answers and spoilers.
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