The Week in New Movie Trailers: Knives Out, Jumanji 3, and More

Kirsten Howard Jul 5, 2019

Did some of this week's trailer offerings pass you by?

Each week usually brings a fresh batch of trailers designed to lure us into coughing up a bit of cash to see some forthcoming attractions. Sometimes they do the job quite nicely, and for sure there's nothing quite as exciting as a film that comes out of nowhere with a brilliant trailer that takes you from "ehh" to "okay, I'm in" in less than three minutes.

We have to admit, sometimes we miss those old school trailers with the gravelly voiceovers. "It Was A Time Of War" that sort of thing. The ones that didn't seem to show you half the movie. A whole lot of trailers nowadays seem to be cut the same way, too - if you notice that obligatory bass drop once, you'll probably notice it forever - but we still eat them up regardless.
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