Drama Showrunners Talk WGA-Ata Dispute, Evolving Industry at Variety’s ‘A Night in the Writers’ Room’

  • Variety
The WGA-Ata saga loomed large at Variety‘s “A Night in the Writers’ Room,” where showrunners and lead writers from several of the year’s best dramas gathered to discuss their business and craft.

The big four agencies and the WGA finally agreed to return to the negotiating table last week after a weeks-long stalemate. But with guild-represented writers compelled to fire their agents as a result of the conflict, it’s fair to say it’s been a tumultuous couple months.

“It’s a tough situation for everybody. I know a lot of lower level writers that didn’t get staffed this year and my heart breaks for them,” said “Good Girls” showrunner Jenna Bans. “At the same time I think the issues we’re fighting for are real and legitimate and I think we all want a solution that reflects the writers’ interests and we hope we get one very soon.
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