The Sky is Falling: Bruno Dumont’s "CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans"

Mainstream cinema conveniently assumes that humanity will unify in the face of otherworldly calamities like an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse. By doing so, popcorn entertainment allows audiences to defiantly believe that they would also act nobly and courageous once the sky starts falling. Because who wants to watch a version of Independence Day where Will Smith’s heroic fighter pilot philosophically second guesses himself while murderous extra-terrestrials run rough shod over America? Possibly Bruno Dumont. The great French auteur feels no such allegiances to Hollywood’s delusional fantasies. Like Jacques Tati, he actually wants to subvert their traditional narrative constructs using brazen comedic timing and densely packed mise-en-scène. Look no further than CoinCoin and the Extra-Humans, which revels in the absurdity of our collective inertia. For 3+ hours it shows why glamorizing mankind’s response to global chaos remains an utterly ridiculous endeavor. Far more so than even the bumbling,
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