Black Mirror: Celebrating The Most Uplifting Episodes

Rosie Fletcher Jun 13, 2019

Black Mirror isn’t all doom, gloom and smartphones making people’s legs fall off. Here’s half a dozen of its feel-good episodes.

Warning: contains plot spoilers for every episode listed.

Never having lost his critic’s ability to skewer a TV show in one perfect line, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker does a recurring, self-deprecating bit about what audiences expect from his show. “A man frowning at a translucent phone and going ‘aaah, I’ve just deleted my own leg!’’’, he’ll say in a funny voice. In essence, that’s what people think Black Mirror is – sleek future technology meets lives falling apart.

Not always. Below are the Black Mirror episodes you can watch that won’t leave you with a pounding sense of doom or an unsettling image of the prime minister balls deep in your Sunday roast.

Believe it or not, here
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