“Men In Black International” Can’t Escape A Generic Feel

Going international is not a good look for the Men in Black franchise. After a trilogy focused on Will Smith’s character, the series moves on with Men in Black: International, a sequel functioning also as a bit of a reboot as well. Taking a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film pairs Chris Hemsworth with Tessa Thompson here, hoping that they can replicate their previous chemistry. Can Hemsworth and Thompson make fans forget about Smith and Josh Brolin/Tommy Lee Jones? In a word, no. This would be summer blockbuster is mediocrity personified, as generic an adventure as the big screen has seen this year. The MiB universe deserves far better than this. For this latest installment of the Men in Black franchise, new heroes are followed. On the one hand, we have cocky Agent H (Hemsworth), a once rising star in the London branch of MiB. Then,
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