More Shows We Want From the Worlds of Neil Gaiman

Adapting literature for television is the sharpest of double-edged swords.

Popular and well-loved texts come with a built-in fan base but they also come with the most fanatical of critics.

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Neil Gaiman's fans may be some of the most excitable and voracious mobs around.

Over the last couple of decades, his work has been adapted for stage and film as well as television to varying degrees of praise and ire.

Currently, on television, Starz has renewed American Gods for a third season while Amazon Prime Video released the complete Good Omens series on May 31st.

However, these two series just scratch the surface of Gaiman's incredibly diverse bibliography. His writing is full of worlds, adventures, and characters just waiting to be actualized on our TV screens.

1) The Graveyard Book

Although there were rumblings
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