Film Review: The Net (2016) by Kim Ki-duk

I have to admit, although I am a big fan of Kim Ki-duk’s films, his latest efforts have not satisfied me at all. After the trouble he had with “Moebius,” he has toned down, to the point that his films have lost the shocking element that made them so special. “The Net,” however, seems like an effort to return to his roots, although not fully realized.

The Net” screened at Art Film Fest Kosice

The net of Chul-woo, a poor North Korean fisherman, is caught in the engine of his boat, and accidentally, he drifts into South Korea. The authorities arrest him and start interrogating him brutally, as they also try to make him defect. His situation is worsened by his main interrogator, who seems to harbor an intense hatred for North Koreans. On the other hand, a younger agent named Jin-woo, who is assigned to him, is much kinder,
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