The Real-Life Story Behind Elton John's Drug Overdose Scare in Rocketman

The musical biopic Rocketman puts a wacky, stylish spin on the early days of Elton John's fame. But alongside its glittery musical numbers, there's an undercurrent of the darker stuff: namely, the selfish, hedonistic, and downright dangerous lifestyle that young Elton John led. John, who was personally involved with the making of the film, speaks candidly to this day about the bad choices he made, and the film doesn't shy away from some of the darker moments in his life.

One aspect of John's life that the movie doesn't try to gloss over is his drug usage. In the 1970s, he dealt with the increasing pressures of fame by abusing multiple drugs, especially cocaine. His rampant drug abuse led to an array of health problems (he reportedly began suffering seizures) and the alienation of those in his personal life. And, as the movie depicts, he did suffer a cocaine overdose,
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