It's About Time We Show Kevin Jonas More Love

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Since the Jonas Brothers first rose to fame in 2006, Joe and Nick were both positioned as the frontmen of the group, singing lead on the majority of the songs and taking center stage at shows. As a result, Kevin had less of a spotlight. I'll admit it: I was a hardcore Nick fan growing up, but since the Jonas Brothers reunited, I've seen a completely different side of Kevin. He seems more confident and outspoken, and - let's state the obvious here - he looks amazing. I've slowly been jumping onboard the Team Kevin train this year, but now after watching the Jonas Brothers documentary, Chasing Happiness, I'm officially all in.

"That might have been the hardest moment in my entire life," Kevin says through tears, as I tried to hold back my own.

Not only does the film - which dropped on Amazon on June 4 - recount the group's rise to fame,
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