Aladdin Review: Disney Remake Lacks Magic

Disney's Aladdin remake is as barren as the desert it's set in, landing closer to a '90s TV movie than the 1992 animated classic.




Nostalgia can be an opioid. A little bit helps take the edge off growing up or just growing older, like a pleasing balm. But it can also become a relentless addiction, seeping into a culture until all that’s left is a mutually assured craving to live in eternal delusion: a delusion of times gone by, a delusion of a childhood that never ended, and a delusion you can buy that happiness again for 15 bucks a pop (or closer to $50 if you bring the whole family).

And among his other more appealing ventures, Mickey Mouse is also happy to dole out that nostalgic good stuff on a year-round basis. Occasionally this can lead to inventive and genuinely inspired fare like The Jungle Book
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