IndieWire Consider This Fyc Brunch: The Challenges of Making TV Feel Authentic

IndieWire’s Consider This Fyc Brunch on Tuesday gathered a panel of below-the-line panelists to discuss their craft with IndieWire’s Toolkit Editor Chris O’Falt. Among them were “Yellowstone” composer Brian Tyler, “The Other Two” composer Brett “Leland” McLaughlin, “Catch-22” costume designer Jenny Eagan, “Escape at Dannemora” cinematographer Jessica Lee Gagne, and “Now Apocalypse” cinematographer Sandra Valde-Hansen.

Each of these professionals worked on their projects from beginning to end to control the look, sound, and feel of the shows, which range from historical recreations to heightened reality. Below are highlights from the panel, in which each professional shared one of the ways they surmounted the challenges posed to them. Watch O’Falt’s introduction of the panel below:

”Catch-22” Vintage Costuming

Based on the Joseph Heller novel, the Hulu miniseries from George Clooney and Grant Heslov had to recreate all of the World War II uniforms for the military
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