Alex Lykos on self-distributing his indie ‘Me & My Left Brain’

‘Me & My Left Brain’.

Used to the quick turnaround of theatre production, Alex Lykos purposely crafted comedy Me & My Left Brain, released in cinemas today, as a low budget film that could be financed and produced quickly.

That was in part due to his frustration with the fact it took more than six years for his previous film, Alex & Eve – which he wrote based on his stageplay of the same name – to get to screen.

“The process was so slow, long and filled with so many setbacks. I went away, and thought for me – someone who has Adhd – I need to find a model to tell a story on film that could be a little bit more efficient,” Lykos tells If.

Me & My Left Brain is also based on a Lykos stageplay – ‘The Long Night’; he wrote the screen adaptation, moved into the director’s chair for the first time,
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