‘Riverdale’ Reveal: The Gargoyle King Unmasked In Season 3 Finale

‘Riverdale’ Reveal: The Gargoyle King Unmasked In Season 3 Finale
Spoiler Alert: This story contains details of tonight’s Riverdale Season 3 finale.

Taking it over-the-top is the bottom line for the fizzy CW series Riverdale and by that measure the Season 3 finale that aired Wednesday was top-notch for a series that is more of a pop-television tone poem than a traditional (or rational) storytelling endeavor. The season’s finish-line episode checked off all the boxes for a show, too, that yearns to be sleek, sugary, surreal, sexy, soapy, silly, and swooning – and to always look good doing it,

The young hearts of Riverdale were in Mystery Machine-mode in the “Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night” as the climatic reveal of this season’s mystery antagonist, the Gargoyle King, finally played out. There was plenty of other business dealt with, as well, as the never-dull episode sprinted through twists and
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