Yes, It's Possible We Could Get a Sequel to Netflix's The Last Summer

Netflix's rom-com machine is back in full gear, and its latest offering is The Last Summer. The movie, which started streaming on May 3, is an ensemble comedy about a group of Chicago teens loving and living it up in the final Summer before they scatter for college. It's definitely a self-contained movie with a very specific time frame, but is there the possibility for a sequel? Right now, the answer is a big fat "maybe."

Unlike some of Netflix's other movies, like To All the Boys I've Loved Before, there's no blueprint to The Last Summer's future prospects. Why? Because it's an original script, not an adaptation of any existing material. The screenplay is an original by William Bindley (who also directs) and Scott Bindley. Since there's no preexisting material dictating whether or not the story can continue, there's no reason the writers couldn't continue the story if
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