‘Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’ Review: Easter Egg Fodder Reigns Supreme in Live-Action Videogame Adaptation

It’s almost shocking that nobody made a live-action Pokémon movie considering the card game’s heyday was back in the 1990s while the anime and video games still ruled kids’ televisions. That’s not to say the property ever disappeared. Nintendo couldn’t have turned “Pokémon Go” into an international smartphone phenomenon without strong brand recognition spanning multiple generations. But what was there to lean on narratively? The creatures themselves can’t say anything but their names and the human characters are kids trying to catch them in the wild to then battle a la the cards. While you could get away with something as simple as that, there wouldn’t be the type of lasting power necessary for box office glory. For that you would need a hook—something Detective Pikachu provides.

The game’s first mini iteration arrived in Japan circa 2016 with the full product hitting shelves last year.
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