25 Disney Channel Shows That Were Cancelled Way Too Soon

While Walt Disney Pictures is the most acclaimed and influential animation studio in the world, their television shows, much like their live action films, have never garnered as much acclaim as their animated features. While the programs made by the Disney Channel do have a tendency to be formulaic (how many sitcoms has the channel produced that are about middle schoolers with double lives or magical powers?), that hasn't stopped their writers from producing memorable content for the past thirty years. While there have been some obvious duds among the channel's many, many shows,  other shows were childhood staples for millennials and members of Generation Z.

While not all Disney Channel shows were cut from the same cloth, the key to the Disney Channel formula was combining the fantastical, or at least extraordinary with what is for the channel's target audience, mundane, namely school and family life. It's a deceptively
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