"The Wild Bunch" Remake

Development continues on an updated remake of director Sam Peckinpah's bloody, award-winning, Old West action feature "The Wild Bunch" (1969), following an aging outlaw gang as they look for one last big score:

"...'Pike Bishop', leader of a gang of crusty outlaws, is seeking retirement with one final score: the robbery of a railroad office containing a cache of silver. But Pike is ambushed by his former partner, 'Deke Thornton', leading a posse of bounty hunters hired and deputized by the railroad. A bloody shootout kills several of the gang.

"Pike escapes with the only survivors, 'Dutch Engstrom', brothers 'Lyle' and T'ector Gorch', and 'Angel'.The loot from the robbery turns out to be a decoy: steel washers instead of silver coin. Glad to be alive, the men reunite with old-timer 'Freddie Sykes' and head for Mexico.

"Pike's men cross the Rio Grande to Angel's old village, dominated by 'General Mapache',
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