Film Review: Ten Years Japan (2018) by Chie Hayakawa, Yusuke Kinoshita, Megumi Tsuno, Akiyo Fujimura, Kei Ishikawa

With the Hong Kong omnibus narrative “Ten Years” becoming a surprise hit in 2015, it might not come as a surprise that the concept – envisioning the near future of one’s country – inspired various versions in Asia. For the Japanese version, five young directors Chie Hayakawa, Yusuke Kinoshita, Megumi Tsuno, Akiyo Fujimura and Kei Ishikawa were gathered and supervised by Hirokazu Koreeda to present their vision of Japan’s future.

“Ten Years Japan” is screening at Udine Far East Film Festival

Chie Hayakama’s “Plan 75” concerns a young bureaucrat (Satoru Kawaguchi) charged with explaining Plan 75, a governmental euthanasia program, to poor and disabled seniors aged 75 and above – especially those reliant on governmental welfare and thus burdening society from an economical perspective. One day, his pregnant wife (Kinuo Yamada) tells him that her mother signed to papers to join the program.

The second narrative, Yusuke Kinoshita’s “Mischievous Alliance”, frames the story
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