Dead By Dawn 2019: The Nightshifter Review

Stenio is a morgue attendant in Sao Paulo who can communicate with the dead. He uses his supernatural gift to solve crimes and, eventually, attempt to change the circumstances of his own rather desperate life.

The debut feature from Dennison Ramalho, The Nightshifter is a film with an intriguing premise, and early scenes in which grisly corpses come to life before Stenio's weary eyes hit target in a Guillermo del Toro sort of way. At its best the film is reminiscent of Michele Soavi's Cemetery Man, its tone projecting a similar sense of sadness and ennui - Stenio has not asked for this horrible gift. Unfortunately, after around half an hour, things become oddly tedious, and ultimately the film fails to deliver on its early promise. What begins as an interesting set-up actually
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