Art Directors Guild Reelects Chuck Parker As National Executive Director

Chuck Parker has been re-elected national executive director of the Art Directors Guild, Iatse Local 800. He and the guild’s associate national executive director, who goes by the name dooner, were reelected at the guild’s bi-annual general membership meeting last Saturday. They both ran unopposed.

“I am so pleased Adg members have recognized the hard work and dedication of Chuck and dooner on the issues of importance to our 2,700 members,” said Nelson Coates, the guild’s president.

“This was a great display of Local unity,” said art director Susan Bolles, who nominated Parker.

“It is clear that the members are standing strong behind our leaders,” said Kristen Davis, chair of the guild’s Set Designers and Model Makers craft, who nominated dooner.

According to the guild’s financial reports, Parker was paid $235,968 by the guild last year, while dooner earned $171,371.

Election results for the other positions subject to nomination
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