88 Films has announced four Jackie Chan classics soon to be released

Following their releases of films like “Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin”, “Battle Creek Brawl” and “To Kill With Intrigue” UK distributor 88 Films has announced the release of four more titles featuring iconic actor and martial arts star Jackie Chan.

According to Blu-ray.com “Dragons Forever”, “Miracle a.k.a. The Canton Godfather”, “Crime Story” and “The Protector” will be released in the near future.

Dragons Forever

Synopsis: Hotshot lawyer is hired by a mysterious chemistry factory to dig up dirt on an inconvenient fishery seeking damaging court action. Sidekick Hung and professional crook. Yuen swiftly sprint to Chan’s aid. Ironically the gang finds their toughness softening in the face of two gorgeous ladies at the fishery. They inadvertently hit a center nerve of the chemical factory when they unmask the hideous fade of a narcotic syndicate.

Brand New 4K Remaster Of The Film.

Miracle a.k.a.
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