‘Russian Doll’ Producers Talk Creating New Bingeing Experience With Netflix Comedy – The Contenders Emmys

  • Deadline
A series about reliving your death over and over again has the making for a great comedy but it also runs the risk of, as the premise suggests, repetitive. But the Netflix comedy Russian Doll steps up to the challenge with co-creators, executive producers and writers Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne (who also stars) leading the charge. At Deadline’s Contenders event, the trio talked to Dominic Patten about the deja vu-centric show and how it has created a whole new bingeing experience.

Russian Doll follows a young woman named Nadia (Lyonne) on her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City. One night she falls down the stairs and dies and then she is transported to a certain point in the same evening when dies again…and then it happens again…and again. The whole series is an
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