Review: "Tarzan Goes To India" (1962) Starring Jock Mahoney; Warner Archive Blu-ray Release

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By John M. Whalen

After making six Tarzan films, the last two,“Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure” (1959) and “Tarzan the Magnificent” (1960), considered among the best ever made, actor Gordon Scott hung up the loin cloth to star in movies in Italy. Producer Sy Weintraub, who had taken Tarzan out of the back lots of Hollywood and filmed on location in Africa, wanted to continue the series and put the ape man in even more exotic locations. He had India in mind for the next Tarzan adventure, but now suddenly he had to find a new Lord of the Jungle. He didn’t have to look very far. “Tarzan the Magnificent” had featured stunt man turned actor, Jock Mahoney as villain Coy Banton, in a performance that was every bit as physically demanding as it was for Scott.

Even at age 41, when “Magnificent” was made, Mahoney was in incredible shape. At six foot four,
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