Inside CinemaCon 2019: Disney’s Might, Hollywood’s Diversity and ‘F– Netflix’

  • The Wrap
Netflix was once again at the forefront of the conversation at this week’s National Organization of Theater Owners annual CinemaCon — but issues like the dominance of Disney after absorbing 20th Century Fox and the explosion of diversity also bubbled up among industry executives in Las Vegas.

Nato chief John Fithian kicked off the conversation about Netflix on Tuesday, assuring movie theater owners that streaming services like Netflix don’t have to be seen as a threat to their bottom line and that they can coexist. He cited a 2017 Ernst & Young report that showed that moviegoers who frequently went to cinemas also spent more time on streaming services at home.

The message was clear at this year’s convention: The theatrical moviegoing experience is still valued and everyone is committed to keeping it alive. Helen Mirren was arguably the biggest advocate for theaters, taking the stage during the Warner Bros. presentation to say,
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