Few Superhero Origin Stories Are As Fun As “Shazam!”

We forget, given how ubiquitous they’ve become in pop culture of all stripes, but superheroes were primarily created to appeal to kids. In fact, most of us were introduced to comic book characters during childhood. Too often, especially within the DC Extended Universe, that is forgotten. Not so with Shazam!, which is not just the best DC superhero outing since Christopher Nolan finished his Batman trilogy, but one of the most purely enjoyable times at the theater so far this year. This is a ridiculously good time, full of joy and a mix of exciting and innocence. As you’ll see this week, DC has cracked the code here. The movie is a superhero origin story for the title character. After a short prologue, we meet Billy Batson (Asher Angel), an orphan on the streets who constantly searches for his mother. His latest foster family is a kind one running a group home,
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