Horrorhound Weekend: ‘Soul to Keep’ Review

Stars: Sandra Mae Frank, Aurora Heimbach, Kate Rose Reynolds, Tony Spitz, Craig Fogel, Jordan Theodore, Derek Long, Jessie Jordan, Connor McKenna, Brian Donovon | Written by David Allensworth, Eric Bram | Directed by David Allensworth, Moniere

A group of siblings, and their lifelong, friends decide to throw a party at a rundown country house belonging to the grandfather of one of family. It’s all fun and games until the lights go out. Searching the basement to find the fuse box, the group discover a secret ritual room, complete with animal bones, blood, and meat arranged in a large triangle. Not to mention the nearby grimoire – a demonic spell book. The group is convinced now that the siblings “Pop Pop” (as he was affectionately known) truly went crazy.

One of the group, Grace, being familiar with it all, reads over the grimoire to discover a spell to conjure the very powerful demon,
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