Clueless: "Under the Silver Lake" and the Return of the Amateur Sleuth

  • MUBI
David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Lake (2018) is having its exclusive online premiere on Mubi in the United Kingdom. It is showing from March 15 - April 13, 2019.“I feel like somebody’s following me.”“Yeah, probably. Who’s not being followed nowadays?”—Sam to Topher, and vice versa, in Under the Silver LakeAccording to a recent survey conducted by Cambridge University and UK data firm YouGov, over half of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory. Click around online, and you won’t have to look hard to find one. Deep-state scheming, child actors, fake birth certificates: the daily news has become a hellish churn of crackpot accusation and counter-accusation, with some unseen hand at work in every new turn of events. Meanwhile, other news stories with the whiff of conspiracy prove to be frighteningly true, tech giants luring us in with the promise of a more “connected” world
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