Iron Man Vr: New Marvel Game Coming to PS4

John Saavedra Mar 26, 2019

Hop into Tony Stark's famous armor in Marvel's Iron Man Vr! Here are the details...

If you ever dreamed of jumping into Marvel's most famous armored suit and saving the day as Iron Man, PlayStation has just announced the Vr experience for you. Iron Man Vr brings the world of billionaire-turned-superhero Tony Stark to your living room, exclusively through the Ps Vr headset. The game, which is being developed by Camouflaj, is coming later this year.

"We've set our sights on not only giving the player thrilling moment-to-moment action," Camouflaj director, Ryan Peyton, wrote in a PlayStation Blog post, "but also a deeply personal, and appropriately funny, narrative that puts players in Tony Stark's armored shoes."

From what we can tell from the opening footage, Iron Man Vr is a shooter from the perspective of Iron Man's Hud, as he punches and shoots enemies out of the sky.
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