The Gifted: 5 Things They Changed From The Comics About Polaris (And 5 Things They Didn't)

Superhero shows are all the rage, and while Fox owns the X-Men, they plan on getting as much as they can out of it. Alongside their James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence led movies, they created and aired The Gifted, a series starring the complex Strucker family, Magneto's daughter, Polaris, and others.

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The show has received positive reviews, largely for its inclusion of classic superheroes that don't get much attention. Polaris is one of the chief examples of this, getting much less press than her more popular sister Scarlet Witch. In adapting Lorna, the show took a fair amount of liberties in evolving her character for a new audience. However, they didn't touch many of the core aspects that make her who she is.
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