Jordan Peele Actually Has a Very Personal Connection to That C.H.U.D. Easter Egg in Us

There are a number of pop culture references in Jordan Peele's Us, but few have as personal a connection as one of the very first the director manages to slip in. (Note: very minor spoilers to follow!)

The very first scene in the film is of an old-school TV playing an ad for the 1986 event Hands Across America. Next to the TV are a few shelves holding VHS tapes, and The Goonies is one of them. But next to it, in a much plainer sleeve, is a copy of C.H.U.D.. If you haven't seen it, the 1984 horror-slash-sci-fi flick from director Douglas Cheek imagines what would happen if a bunch of murderous, humanoid monsters began pouring out of the sewers under New York City to seek revenge on humans.

If you've seen Us, hopefully you understand why Peele decided to include a nod to a film about creatures rising up
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