An Explanation For Who - and What - the "Tethered" Are in Jordan Peele's Us

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An Explanation For Who - and What - the
Jordan Peele's second feature film, Us, is horrifying, to be sure. But by the time the credits start to roll, you might find yourself a little bit . . . confused, shall we say. Between all of the complex layers, hidden meanings, and creepy scares that are introduced over the course of the horror film, there is a lot to unpack. Who are the Tethered? And what do they want? Where did they come from? Put on your red jumpsuit and strap in, because we're breaking it all down ahead.

Warning: Big spoilers for Us will follow! You've been warned.

In the beginning of Us, we meet the Wilsons: parents Adelaide and Gabe (Black Panther costars Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke) and their preteen kids, Zora and Jason (Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex). Together they travel to Adelaide's late grandmother's home in Santa Cruz, CA, for a Summer vacation, but it's
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