The dildo economy: stoner star Kal Penn probes capitalism with sex toys

The Harold & Kumar comic and one-time White House staffer enters the twisted world of global finance in his new docucomedy – and ends up learning to smuggle diamonds under his scrotum

There aren’t many people who can count “working in the White House” and “having sex with a bag of weed” among their career highlights, but Kal Penn’s path hasn’t exactly been routine. The 41-year-old found fame in the stoner film series Harold & Kumar (where his character hallucinated the aforementioned encounter with a bag of marijuana), before taking a brief sojourn into politics for Barack Obama.

Now, Penn has added yet another unique job to his CV, taking on the role of TV host and touring a dildo factory as part of a documentary about the inequities of capitalism. The sex toy production line is just one of the stops he makes in This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy,
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