Emmy Predictions 2019: Best Animated Program

Emmy Predictions 2019: Best Animated Program
Last Year’s Winner: “Rick and Morty

Still Eligible: No.

Hot Streak: Out of 29 eligible seasons, “The Simpsons” has been nominated 26 times and won 10 times. In comparison, “South Park” has been nominated 17 times and one five times out of 21 eligible seasons. Those are high batting averages, but not the highest among multiple winners. “Bob’s Burgers” (which has won twice) has been nominated seven times in eight seasons, and “Futurama” (another two-time winner) technically has eight nominations for just seven seasons — Comedy Central split the final two seasons into halves, qualifying four times, but still only counting as two full seasons.

Fun Fact: Here are a few need-to-know rules about the Best Animated Series category: Animated series are nominated for a single episode, but air three episodes in the eligibility period to qualify as a series; the episode’s writer can choose to be part of the animation team honored
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