Jughead's Time Police: Archie Comics Goes Snack to the Future

Chris Cummins Mar 19, 2019

Featuring an exclusive look at variant covers from the upcoming mini-series, here's your guide to Jughead's Time Police.

Back in the early 1990s, Archie Comics released an ambitious series of titles aimed at illustrating how the veteran indie publisher could tell different types of stories using their characters. These various books ranged from interesting failures to regrettable curiosites. Yet much like Marty McFly unleashing rock and roll at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, one of these experiments was so far ahead of its, er, time that it would take a generation to pick up what Archie was throwing down.

That title was Jughead's Time Police.

Despite only running for a measly six issues, Jughead's Time Police foreshadowed the Archie creative renaissance that began a decade ago by telling a status quo-shattering story that pushed the parameters of these characters while maintaining what made them so lovable in the first place.
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