Film Review: Triple Threat (2019) by Jesse V. Johnson

Not that previous years didn’t have their fair share of action, but with all due respect to Erik Matti or Tsui Hark or Wu Jing, “Triple Threat” is the film so impatiently expected that the question “Is “Triple Threat” a triple treat?” is more palpable than Tony Jaa`s knee in solar plexus. So – come up to the lab and see what`s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici…


Triple Threat will be released in more than 150 screens on Tuesday, March 19 and on DVD/VOD, March 22, courtesy of WellGo USA

I hope you are in expectation of a narrative that offers nothing too elaborate but is coherent enough to carry the drive, the “archetypal” characters, and own world’s laws of logic and physics. A narrative that gives you good guys running on personal motives and bad guys driven by assignments and money.
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