Writers Guild, Talent Agencies End Fourth Day of Talks, Will Meet Again Next Week

  • The Wrap
The Writers Guild of America and the Association of Talent Agencies ended a fourth day of talks as the April 6 termination date of the two organizations draw nearer. And while a deal hasn’t been struck, both sides promise to return to the table.

The WGA and Ata met twice this week to discuss a series of counterproposals presented by the agencies to end the impasse between the two groups over packaging deals. The meetings came after weeks of tense exchanges — and two previous meetings in February that did not lead to any progress.

The Ata counterproposals promise to codify rules requiring agents to disclose to their writer clients when they are including their work in a package deal and receive their approval before receiving any sort of packaging fee. Agents must also disclose when the deal would involve a studio created or partly owned by the agency they represent,
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