American Gods Season 2 Episode 1 Review – ‘House on the Rock’

Martin Carr reviews the first episode of American God season 2…

Gestation for this new season has been glacial with departing show runners and cast members plus months in stasis while obstacles were overcome. For those who missed American Gods first time round shame on you, as invention comes no thicker or faster, no fresher nor vibrant than in this visually arresting Neil Gaiman adaptation. There is a folkloric quality which pervades every frame and a dark edged humour which punctuates some of the more unsettling imagery on offer. Even for those familiar with the meandering structure, freewheeling characterisation and outlandishly saturated colour palette House on the Rock requires multiple viewings.

At the heart of this tale sits a literal and metaphorical deconstruction of American consumer society, which challenges existing belief systems and more conventional modes of worship. This world is changing and bending to the will of a new set
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