American Dad! Season 15 Episode 18 Review: Twinanigans

American Dad! sees double when Roger and Steve revive an old routine.

This American Dad! review contains spoilers.

American Dad! Season 15, Episode 18

"You stripped me of superstardom! I should be on the red carpet! Not sitting on the couch in this weird position."

When it comes to the various character pairings that American Dad! will turn to, the combination of Steve and Roger is usually a safe one to bank on. Some of the most satisfying stories come from when these two are together and while “Twinanigans” has a very encouraging premise for Roger and Steve, it’s an episode that tries to do too much and cover too many bases. While this is not a total misfire, a simplified take on these ideas could have led to a stronger episode that doesn’t overextend itself.

An innocent night of Stews and Views leads to Steve, Roger, and Klaus stumbling
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