Tobe Hooper's 1986 Invaders From Mars Was Kind of a Crazy and Cool Sci-Fi Movie

Invaders From Mars is one of those films I didn’t see until after it was released on VHS. In fact, when I was growing up it was one of those movies that I would always pass by in the local video store until one day my friends and I finally rented it.

I was in my pre-teens before I finally saw this movie and it was before I even knew who director Tobe Hooper was. This was probably the second film of his that I saw at that point in my life. I know I had already seen Poltergeist, but I didn’t even see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre until I was 14 or 15.

Well, I recently revisited the film and this thing was crazier than I remembered! It was a very surreal and cool movie and I really dug the visual effects, especially for the time that the film was made.
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