‘Fright Fest’ VOD Review

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Stars: Dylan Walsh, Madison McKinley, Romeo Miller, Mercy Malick, Ashley Blankenship, Luke Baines, Pancho Moler, Robert Scott Wilson, Heather Ann Davis, Jonathan Camp, Kresh Novakovic | Written by Robert Gillings | Directed by Anton Novakovic

It was only a matter of time before someone named a horror movie after FrightFest. Unfortunately, this dismal effort (also known as American Fright Fest) from director Anton Novakovic isn’t worthy of the festival that bears its name. In fact, it’s so bad that it makes the similarly themed, similarly titled and similarly not very good Blood Fest (also released this year) look like a masterpiece by comparison.

Set in smalltown Somerton, Pennsylvania (“The safest small town in America”), Fright Fest centres on washed up, drug-crazed horror director Spencer Crowe (Dylan Walsh), who’s hired to create a live action Halloween event by vote-hungry Mayor Fowler. Crowe’s Fright Fest takes place in an abandoned asylum,
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