Sinister 3 Isn't Happening, But a TV Show Is Possible

Blumhouse has quickly become one of the top names in horror over the past decade or so. From hits like the Paranormal Activity franchise to the Insidious flicks, Blumhouse seems to spawn popular film franchises like hotcakes. But then you have something like Sinister which tried to go the franchise route, but seemed to have stalled out following its lackluster sequel. But does that mean the Sinister series is dead-dead? Yeah, it looks like it. Today we have word via Blumhouse head honcho himself Jason Blum that it doesn't look like there will ever be a Sinister 3... but there might be a TV series in the works.

Blum shared this update over on Twitter where he recently conducted a Q & A with fans. Pretty quickly after kicking off the session, a fan asked Jason Blum if Sinister 3 was a possibility. To which Blum simply replied.

"Nope. :("

About a minute later,
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