MotherFatherSon: was its loveless sex scene the most chilling in TV history?

The new Richard Gere drama is awash with toxic masculinity. But nothing could prepare viewers for its dark and deeply Freudian sex worker role-play

I’m starting to think Mary Whitehouse was on to something. TV is currently indundated with rows and rows of genitalia in Naked Attraction, two orgies per episode on Game of Thrones, plus the sex-obsessed Pure, the smutty Sex Education and the absolute filth of Sally4Ever. Where’s a proud prude to turn for some wholesome evening entertainment these days? So imagine my pearl-clutching horror upon discovering that BBC Two’s new drama also hinges on one of the oddest sex scenes in recent memory. Only it turns out that MotherFatherSon is great family television. Just definitely not in the Whitehouse sense of the phrase.

It’s the work of Tom Rob Smith, a writer who has previously proven his willingness to dive headfirst into
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